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What we do

Exterior Services

Interior Services

Home Automation

Energy Conservation

The Premier Home Maintenance Program


After 20 years of service and various shifts in technology since we started, we have Created a full service menu of managing your home projects for the best possible price, with the best local contractors.


We are proud to introduce The Premier Home Pro .  This introductory program will initially be offered to existing Premier Home Services’ customers while we run service trials and evaluations of best practices and services for a six month period with 20–50 customers.

What is Premier Home Pro? We will provide homeowners with a complete home project management funding system and services with a very high level of customer service and support for any home improvements, maintenance and repairs.


Assume your home is an investment that will grow in value over time. Historically, home values have increased by about 4% per annum on average. Due to inflation, your maintenance costs will also continue to increase at a rate of 1% of your home’s value. As a result, your home really gains just 3% a year. That happens to be the long-term inflation rate. So in real inflation-adjusted terms, your home would not grow in value at all. This example is based on the national average, each geographical region will have different cost associated with home repair and maintenance.  The Washington DC metro area has an average annual home repair cost of $5,740 which does not include other services such as landscaping, hardscapes, irrigation, pool service. These services are premium services representing about 15% of the Washington DC area. There may be many communities based on zip codes where the average costs of services are considerable higher than the regional average cost.


What does Premier Home Pro offer?


We will provide a full range of home care solutions for homeowners from roof top to grass and soil…

What we do



We assign advisers to customers. Our advisers work directly with the customers and the contractors to insure customer satisfaction from start to finish. They will provide estimates, schedule projects and arrange materials as needed.  Our adviser will provide feedback and daily reports based on scope of work. They are the first point of contact for the customer.


We evaluate the risk to each and every project and provide you with a quick report of the safety and security requirements for your project. We have a preventive action plan and a list of things to consider specific to your project, big or small.


We use a secure database to track and schedule projects using mobile-ready applications and web-based tools.




We have access to various local and national suppliers that offer wholesale pricing on many of the home products that support the services that we provide. This is great for the homeowner who wish to build or repair on their own, but require access to national suppliers for cost, value and comparisons.




All of our contractors will have completed a qualification and background investigation. We verify active and current licenses as required by their trade, insurance certificates for liability, workers compensation, local municipality and county license requirements, regional better business association and are required to prove that they have at least 5 years business experience in their trade. We will verify their information semi-annually and they will be under a non-compete and confidentiality agreement with The Premier Home Pro.











Exterior services

  • landscape design
  • hard-scapes
  • lawn care
  • soil control
  • erosion control
  • ground cover
  • weeding and seeding
  • stump removal
  • tree services
  • concrete
  • patios
  • walkways
  • stone
  • sewer & septic
  • exterior water proofing
  • power washing
  • roofing
  • venting
  • caulking
  • painting
  • vinyl wrapping
  • wood repair
  • windows, doors
  • outdoor lighting
  • chimney repairs
  • window cleaning
  • generators
  • battery backup

Interior services

  • hard wood
  • HVAC
  • fire place
  • weather
  • stripping
  • insulation
  • crown molding
  • doors
  • windows
  • glass work
  • water damage
  • radon


  • Painting
  • staining
  • caulking
  • drywall
  • electrical
  • cabinets
  • countertops
  • kitchen
  • bath
  • plumbing
  • tile
  • carpet

Home Automation

Electronic control systems for:


  • heating and cooling
  • security cameras
  • door locks
  • voice and data infrastructure
  • audio and visual controls
  • speakers
  • TV installs
  • timers
  • network support
  • wireless access points
  • computer set up and services
  • lighting systems
  • LED and line voltage options.

Energy Conservation

  • Electronic monitoring
  • solar panels
  • roof turbine systems
  • geothermal applications
  • window tinting
  • high-efficiency windows and doors
  • micro grid systems
  • lightings controls