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Building Green

You deserve the best in value service and design. Our team is there to deliver for your needs. You dream it, we deliver it. Our professional draftsman and designers are ready to make your dreams come true. Whether you are building ground up, or adding a large extension to your existing home or building, we will make the transition as smooth as possible on time scheduling and planning.

We represent several national custom modular building manufacturer, saving our customers 25% or more on almost any structure over 1,200 square feet. Modular building offers many benefits over traditional stick buildings or track homes.  Your home will be built in a controlled environment not exposed to the elements.


• The structures are reinforced with additional lumber that are not typical in other builds

• We can provide a much higher level of insulation and energy efficiencies

• We can control sound transfer between floors and wall

• Custom upgrades, virtually no limits on fixtures and finishings

• Usable attic space is also new living space

• Fast delivery

• Turnkey construction, and we average sixteen  from start to finish.



We build “Green” into every custom modular home that is manufactured at our state of the art factory. Building Green begins in the design phase, continues through production with specific building techniques and culminates with finish items chosen by our customers such as appliances, fixtures, and design options. We are here to lead you to a greener home.

Going green has many short term and long term advantages from light bulbs, appliances, interior infrastructure, and exterior finishings.


A green home is generally between 20-30% more energy-efficient than a standard home, greatly reducing monthly heating, cooling and electric bills, a large and growing benefit in an era of skyrocketing energy costs.

Green fixtures and appliances can deliver huge savings in both water and energy. For example, a front loading clothes washer uses 40% less water and 50% less electricity than a standard washer.


Better planning and construction makes green homes last longer, with less need for maintenance, than a standard-built home. This helps to preserve the resale value of your home, often the largest investment you’ll ever make. We will consider so many reasons why we optimize green building solutions from air quality and overall comfortable living spaces that are environmentally safe and sound for your family’s enjoyment.